Starting a Business?

By 2022 the era of innovation, online-businesses, and millennial millionaires has become a normal way of life. Starting a business still requires hard work, many hours away from home, but today entrepreneurs  are working smarter. Using technology and innovation to be much more efficient, allowing for quicker growth.

Nexera Business Advisors is a division of John Olmedo Associates, LLC. along with affiliated companies who’s core is to provide full service business solutions, from start-up assistance, advising, technology integration, telecom, website development, digital marketing, and business planning.

Why Choose Us

Nexera Business Advisors and its affiliates cover over 25 years experience in virtually all areas of starting, running, expanding, and controlling a business. Our ultimate goal is to use our experience, knowledge, and resources to help our clients overcome challenges, and promote tangible growth.

We offer a one-time free consultation for new clients.

Based on our experience, we advise in 5 major areas when starting a business.

5 Top Business Start-up Goals:

  • Legal Entity ie: Sole Proprietor, Corporation, or LLC. (Disclaimer: we are not a legal advisory, or law firm, We advise that it is necessary to be legitimate business, and we have some attorneys who we work with who we may refer you to.)
  • Accounting System Integration: We believe that as a business owner, the finances, accounting, and bookkeeping is the backbone to the business.
  • Technology Integration: We assist to integrate computer systems, software such as QuicBooks, Office365, CRM, Business Phone Systems.
  • Digital Marketing / Advertising Strategy
  • Sales and Business Development
There is other areas in business to be considered. We have developed a strategy to help with these 5 top priorities, and help a business start, and grow.
Go Finance professionals provide a wide range of valuation and business analytic services. Whether you’re a startup or among the Fortune 500, all our offerings are scalable to your unique needs. Our flat, non -bure aucratic structure allows us to be nimble and responsive, all while drawing on the resources of a global accounting and consulting network.

Our select services include:

  • Financial and Tax Reporting
  • Complex Financial Instruments
  • Transaction Support
  • Alternate Investment Services
  • Business Case Analytics
  • Tangible Assets
  • Transaction Support
  • Alternate Investment Services
  • Financial and Tax Reporting
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