Construction Company Start-up

Step-by-Step we will assist you in obtaining your California Contractors License, start your construction business, and introduce to you all the resources you may need to grow your construction company.

The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) requires a person who will be applying for and take the exams to obtain a contractors license to have the following:

  1. Minimum 4 years of full-time or 8 years part-time of at least journeyman level experience in their field of which they will be applying for as a licensed contractor, ie: Drywall, Painting, Electrician, or General Contractor etc.
  2. An employer, supervisor, or co-worker to sign stating they have witnessed those 4 years of work experience.
  3. There will be a complete criminal background check, misdemeanors, felonies, may be disclosed and a typed up letter explaining why you got those charges. The CSLB may consider an applicant, but not guaranteed. If applicant doesn’t disclose such charges, even if they happened 20 years ago, they will come up, and may cause an automatic disqualification.
  4. Take and pass 2 exams. (Both exams must be passed, and qualifier will be able to apply for a CSLB license with-in 5 years of passing exams).
    1. Contractors Law and Business Exam for the State of California
    2. Trade Exam ie: General Contractor, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall etc.
  5. $330 CSLB Application Fee.

These are pre-qualifications just so the CSLB may consider an applicant. Even if the applicant meets these requirements, they may still be turned down for the contractor license.

Once qualified and passed both exams, the applicant will need the following:

  1. $200 CSLB License Issuance Fee
  2. $15,000 Contractor Bond. Bond is based on personal credit history. Fees may vary between $100 all the way to $1,200 per year depending on the personal history.
  3. Workers Compensation Insurance. (Disclaimer: if applicant doesn’t have or plan to have employees, an Exempt from Workers Comp Waiver may be signed in lue of workers comp insurance.)
  4. Once license is issued, the license is valid for 2 years, and has to be renewed every 2 years to be in business.

Why Choose Us

Nexera Business Advisors market niche is helping people apply for, obtain, and build a construction company. We cover 15 years experience in the industry, and have helped over 200 people get their contractors license in the state of California.

Visit the CSLB website for helpful resources: Application: CSLB Application Phone Number: 800-321-2752 CSLB Resources Click Here  
When starting a business, it is very important to plan out all the tools and equipment you will need. One area should be, technology you will be using. From a laptop, tablet, software, and phone system. We can help you integrate the right technology, and show your resources where you can learn how to use this technology.

Technology Systems We Recommend

  • Quick Books Pro or Enterprise
  • Office365 Business
  • Business Phone System VoIP / PBX
  • HP or Dell Laptop with Windows 10 Pro
  • OnTheNetPro Cloud Hosting
Feel free to reach out to us for more information: 855-707-4505
Services are provided by Nexera Business Advisors a division of John Olmedo Associates, LLC. Fees for consulting services, are rendered by Nexera Business Advisors only. There may be other fees to consider no listed here or on any Nexera website. Nexera Business Advisors is a business consulting firm specializing in consulting, advising, and promoting business development, and is not a government agency, or is not associated with any government agency. Other fees to consider are California State Contractors Board set fees for application, issuance, and may be changed at any time, processing, or re-instatement of a contractors license. Nexera Business Advisors is here to assist in all such matters, but does not offer legal advice, as Nexera Business Advisors, John Olmedo Associates, LLC or an affiliate is not or does not present itself as a legal or law firm.
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